Corporate philosophy

Corporate philosophy

Our extensive knowledge of your business segment and your needs, combined with a modern, effective infrastructure, provide the necessary means to manage your project professionally.

  • We cater specifically to your needs and wishes.
  • We help you to secure your strategic edge by means of cost-effective construction solutions.
  • We provide you with capable resources and support you as a partner in clarifying the prerequisites, planning and implementing your project.
  • We are innovative and employ the latest methods, materials and production technologies.
  • We guarantee you the advantages of standardised solutions with sufficient flexibility.

Vision & value

Our Vision

Our aim is to develop into a global market leader and set standards in quality, speed and cost-effectiveness.
At the core of this is a long-term partnership with our clients, our subcontractors, our suppliers, and not least our staff. This is why our services in all fields are geared towards the specific needs of our partners.
How we make our vision reality:

  • Our strategic approach to communication, our passion and our understanding of our clients’ needs ensure their satisfaction.
  • By pursuing the policy of ‘best practice’, we offer products and services of optimum quality at fair prices. Ongoing innovation ensures continuous progress.
  • We are constantly growing, refining our processes along the way while also always meeting our obligations to our clients, our staff and our partners.
  • Our staff is our most important resource. It’s only with motivated and satisfied people that we can achieve our goals, and this is why job security, a right of co-determination, flexible working time models and support for further training and education play a prominent role.
  • We aim to achieve a reasonable annual income to invest in the future of the company. We put our profits to good use for the benefit of our clients, staff and shareholders.

Our values

Our corporate philosophy is founded upon the following values:

  • Assuming responsibility
    Our very existence is based on acting ethically and responsibly.
  • Being passionate about what we do
    Passion and motivation are what drive us to be all we can be and ensure ongoing improvement.
  • An uncompromising focus on the client
    We are honest, reliable and fair towards our partners, and operate in the interest of a long, trusting and positive partnership.
  • Stimulating innovation by way of sustainable values
    We promote the drive and creativity of our staff and are not afraid to break new ground in our quest for the unusual. Our aim is to set trends.
  • Recognising and encouraging the potential of our staff
    Our most important resource is the expertise and customer focus of our staff. Our management serves to discover talented people, help them develop and offer them growing challenges within the company.
  • Painstaking attention to detail and precision
    Outstanding quality is borne of precision, care and diligence.

Nurturing and refining this culture is the foundation upon which we develop our enduring success.

Social commitment

We assume responsibility not only for the development of our staff and for providing a positive work environment, but also provide active support and sponsorship in a variety of social matters. We do this mainly for the staff of tomorrow – today’s children. real Innenausbau AG supports “children for tomorrow”, a foundation headed by Steffi Graf, as well as regional charitable projects, and we also sponsor local organisations and the next generation of promising sportspeople